Acceptable Use Policy (2014)

Accessibility Policy and Plan (2015-2018)

Adult Volunteer Helpers Policy (2013)

Anti-Bullying Policy (2017)

Art & Design Policy (2017)

Assessment Policy (2014)

Attendance Policy November 2018

Behaviour Policy November 2018.

Charging and Remissions Policy November 2018

Child Protection Policy November 2018.

Children with Medical Conditions Policy, including the Administering of Medicines and First Aid Policy (2015)

Complaints Policy November 2018.

Design & Technology Policy (2017)

Dress Code Policy (2018)

Early Years Policy (2014)

English Policy (2017)

Equality Policy (2015)

E-Safety Policy (2016)

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Policy (2016)

Feedback and Marking Policy (2016)

Gifted and Talented Children Policy (2013)

GDPR Data Protection Policy November 2018.

Health and Safety Policy (2017)

ICT Policy (2012)

Intimate Care Policy (2013)


Lettings Policy (2013)

Looked After Children Policy (2016)

Mathematics Policy (2016)

Mental Health Policy November 2018.

New Pupil Induction Policy (2016)

PSHE & Citizenship Policy (2017)

Photographic Images of Children - Guidance for Schools

Physical Education Policy (2017)

Policy on Social Networking Sites & Personal Internet Presence for School Staff

Policy on the Use of Restrictive Physical Intervention with Children and Young People (MKSCB 2009)

Pupil Privacy Notice November 2018.

Religious Education Policy (2012)

Safer Working Practices in Schools 

Safeguarding Statement November 2018

Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) Policy (2017)

SMSC and British Values Policy (2016)

Special Educational Needs (SEND) Policy Nov 2018.

Staff Induction Policy (2017)

Teaching and Learning Policy (2014)