Curriculum Statement

Our curriculum is underpinned by the National Curriculum (2014); we enhance this with planned opportunities that make up the wider school curriculum. Learning is exciting and experienced in a meaningful context for children to foster a lifelong love of learning.  Our curriculum is designed around meeting the needs of all learners.  Where commonality exists between subjects, learning is linked and lessons taught using a cross-curricular approach.  Where this is not, achievable subjects are taught discretely.  The rehearsal and application of basic skills learned in the core curriculum is a driver for the entire curriculum.

The reading scheme at Merebrook follows the nationally agreed Book Band colours.   The reading books the children can select from come from a range of reading schemes such as Oxford University Press, Treetops, ProjectX, Fireflies as well as Longman Four Corners and Read Write Inc. Phonics.  All books are grouped by Book Band colours.

The aim is to provide children with lots of small, achievable steps as they begin to read so they learn to read without any difficulty and enjoy the process.

Each new level or stage within the reading scheme introduces new things and practises the skills and knowledge learned in the previous levels.

At Merebrook, we incorporate Values Education alongside the academic and skills based learning so that our children develop a strong sense of moral purpose to enable them to show respect and make a positive contribution to society.

Assessment is approached through formative and summative assessments such as:

  • observations
  • feedback and marking
  • phonic assessments
  • pupil self-review
  • peer marking
  • photographic evidence
  • monitoring of children’s work
  • end of Key Stage 1 assessments
  • phonics screening check 

Topic Knowledge Organisers

Please find below a link to a ‘Knowledge Organiser’ which your child will be using in school.  The organiser outlines the key knowledge, skills and vocabulary your child will be learning as part of  this term’s topic learning.  Please spend time talking and looking at this with your child.

Autumn Term 2019

EYFS Knowledge Organiser - Traditional Tales.

KS1 dinosaurs knowledge organiser




Our assemblies reflect the achievements and learning of the children. We encourage the children to participate in the assemblies by showing their work to the other children, and by raising issues that they have discussed in their classes. Assemblies provide an opportunity to reward children for their achievements both in and out of school. They also play an important part in promoting the ethos of the school, which is that all children are valued, and all achievements are recognised. We believe we are a successful school, and we shall continue to celebrate the successes of all our children at our assemblies.

Parents and carers are invited to attend a variety of assemblies during the course of the school year. We encourage their attendance, as this promotes community spirit, and shows the school and the homes working together in support of the children's achievements.

Governors' attendance at our assemblies is always welcome.


Monday - whole school Head Teacher assembly (Social and Emotional Aspect of Learning)

Tuesday - whole school singing assembly

Wednesday - year group assemblies

Thursday - whole school Values or religious festivals / events assembly

Friday - whole school celebration assembly


Click on the links below to see some of our assemblies: