School Aims and Mission Statement


Our Mission Statement for our school is: 

“Learning and Caring Together”


“We are a school community committed to delivering a skills based creative curriculum that enables our

children to lead their own learning and achieve their potential.”


 Our school aims show how we intend to ensure this happens!


We will provide…

·         A welcoming, safe and secure environment where all are valued and respected;

·         Challenging, fun and creative learning experiences which enable children to achieve their full potential in all aspects of 

          school life;

·         An inspiration to our local community through our commitment to inclusion and opportunities for everyone.


 Where everyone is able to…

·         Make informed choices towards a healthy lifestyle;

·         Feel good about themselves;

·         Learn the skills to become a valued member of the community.


We will encourage…

·         The highest standards of behaviour and personal responsibility;

·         Everyone to contribute positively towards building a better place to live and learn;

·         Mutual respect, acceptance and sensitivity for everyone through providing a sense of belonging.


Golden Rules

At Merebrook we have high expectations of pupil behaviour and when children start school we introduce them to our Golden Rules:


.         We are gentle.

.         We are kind and helpful

.         We listen and respect all

.         We are honest

.         We work hard

.         We look after property