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School Council
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Working For a Better School

We have a School Council made up of democratically elected pupils from each class in the school.

The School Council meets regularly and is overseen by a member of school staff. The School Councillors are supported to organise and run their own meetings and create agendas.

How It Works
How It Works

Class teachers ensure that all pupils have opportunities to convey views or express opinions to the School Council representatives in their class, so that all pupils can have a voice through the Council.

We try to ensure that the School Council’s business is not confined to matters of trivial or superficial importance and they are consulted on, and plan specific aspects of school provision or practice, such as raising money for charity collating views from pupils on key school issues such as the development or review of school policies, pupil behaviour, anti-bullying and online safety codes for pupils to refer to.

Anti bully code
Let’s make Merebrook a Bully Free Zone! (School Council 2019)
  1. Don't keep being bulled a secret. Tell someone.
  2. Say to the person bothering you "Stop I don't like it!" If they don't stop, tell an adult about your situation.
  3. If you see somebody being bullied, do not try to deal with things yourself. Talk to an adult.
  4. Talk to a friend about what has happened to you.
  5. It is every child's right to be happy at school.
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